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Keep a Pulse on What Matters

Go Way Beyond Grades and Test Scores

With DeansList, schools have the tools to stay on top of all the non-academic info that matters. With this data at their fingertips, teachers and administrators can drive improvements in non-cognitive skills, socio-emotional learning and build "21st century skills" like perseverance, diligence, creative problem solving skills and leadership.

Classroom Behavior Detentions & Consequences
Track merits and demerits and school values like perseverance, creativity, compassion and grit. Create rules to automatically assign detentions, homework club and other consequences.
Positive Incentives Points / Paychecks / Scholar Dollars
Set goals and create automatic incentives like celebrations, field trips and school store purchases. Many great schools have shown that as students earn points, they become invested in the system and the school community.
IEPs, ELL and Other Designations Suspensions & Office Referrals
As info is entered, DeansList automatically shows whether students have special designations that should be considered.
  • Formally document incidents quickly and easily
  • Track time out of class
  • Automatically alert staff via e-mail and text message
Homework Completion & Attendance Parent Communication
Catch red flags early and create a culture of diligence. Easily share details of parent conversations and identify families that need an update.

Share News Automatically so Everyone's on the Same Page

E-mail Alerts Text Message Alerts Dashboards & Widgets

Assess Character Traits that Drive Life-Long Success

Reward Students with Points, "Scholar Dollars" or "Paychecks"

With DeansList, schools can create incentive systems to reward students for more than just academics. These incentives can dramatically improve engagement and behavior, especially with students who may be struggling academically.

Send Home High Quality, Positive Feedback

Many DeansList schools send home progress reports every week, with positive reinforcement of traits like perseverance, creativity, compassion and demonstrating creativity.

Progress are customized for every school and commonly highlight a reporting period's traits to be proud of and skills to work on. They can also be printed in multiple languages for bi-lingual families.

See a Student's Entire Behavior/Discipline History, In One Place

From trends in classroom behavior, to a history of office referrals and suspensions, teachers can quickly see the story of every student's social-emotional learning.

Drive a Schoolwide Investment in Culture

Create a Consistent Framework

With DeansList, administrators implement a campus-wide framework for school culture and discipline. Our platform is highly customized for every school's unique values, mission and operations. Everyone on campus focuses on the same issues and speaks the same language.

Develop a Culture of Positive Reinforcement

Positive feedback increases engagement and can turn individual actions into upward trends. DeansList is designed to be used to reward students as much (if not more so), than to identify negative behavior.