About DeansList

Our Story

The first version of DeansList was developed in 2010 at Phoenix Collegiate Academy, an award-winning school in South Phoenix, Arizona. There our founder, Akshai Patel, recognized the difference that great software could make for his team of mission-driven educators.

In 2013 DeansList launched as our own company, dedicated to making the technology that had proven to be a game-changer at PCA available to all schools. Over the past decade we’ve expanded to serve hundreds of schools across the U.S. and added tons of new features.

Our team is made up almost entirely of former educators, all united around the same goals: to design technology that makes educators lives easier, gives them the tools and data they need to be their most effective, and to help students succeed.

Our Mission
To create technology that: makes educators lives easier, enables them to be their most effective, and empowers them with tools and data to help students succeed.

Our Commitments

To School Leaders

To design tools and provide services that are tailored to your school, that will empower you to innovate and raise the bar for your students' success.

To Teachers

To respect that time is your most scarce resource, and that it's best spent with students, not on your computer.

To Students & Families

To enhance the ways you and your school communicate, leveraging  technology to bridge traditional barriers, and to safeguard and protect your data and information.

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