Features You'll Love


Family Engagement

Ensure your staff are building strong, positive relationships with every student and family.

Text messages, emails and calls, parents apps, call logs - all automatically translated.

Behavior & School Culture

Easily implement systems that reward core values and build accountability.

Social-emotional learning (SEL), PBIS & MTSS, merits/demerits, weekly reports, paychecks

Referrals & Incidents

Streamline the process so students get back to class quickly.

Text alerts, consequences, incident letters and compliance.


Create a comprehensive plan to make sure students show up on-time, everyday.

Student, family and staff alerts, tiered interventions, perfect attendance awards, compliance support

Student-Facing Reports & Report Cards

Send home a complete picture of student progress every week.

Custom reports for every school keep families informed.

Meals & NSLP

Eliminate the hassle of managing eligibility and NSLP compliance.

Eligibility tracking, auditing, state reports and invoices.

Report Studio & Data Team

Our data whizzes are here to help you turn your data into action.

Better yet: build your own reports in basic web code.

Integrations, API and Connectivity

Modern schools have lots of tools. Our job is to make them talk to each other.

API connections, CSV imports, SFTP drops - we want to make it work.

District/Enterprise Support

Large organizations have unique needs. Our ops and tech teams are ready to make DeansList work for you.

Network-wide reports, compliance, custom integrations, ops support, SSO, etc.

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