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Modern tools to help
‍schools run smoothly.

DeansList streamlines schools' day-to-day ops so everything works the way you need it to.

Family Engagement

Family Engagement & Communication

Tools to build strong, positive relationships with every family, regardless of language barriers or availability.

Send emails, text messages and phone calls, parent and student apps, call logs, electronic report distribution and e-signing - all automatically translated.


Classroom Behavior & School Culture

All the tools you need to track behavior and build positive school culture for your students and your staff. Implement positive interventions like PBIS, restorative justice practices, and build a schoolwide system that motivates students to be their best everyday.

Social-emotional learning (SEL), PBIS & MTSS, track behaviors, merits/demerits, core values, weekly reports, paychecks, etc.


Attendance &

Reducing absenteeism requires a multi-pronged approach involving administrators, teachers, students and families. DeansList gives you the tools to identify students who need help and to design interventions that make sure students arrive on-time, everyday.

Take daily/class attendance, notify parents with phone calls emails and text, messages, send home absence letters, and more.



Seamlessly manage RTI (Response-to-Intervention) / MTSS (Multi-Tiered Student Supports) plans. From problem identification through each meeting, goal and intervention, our tools make it easier for teachers to support students.

Document meetings, assign students to tiers, set goals and interventions, monitor and update student progress

Data Analysis

Office Referrals & Incidents

DeansList streamlines the entire referral process so students can get back to class quickly. From the moment an issue emerges, through all related conversations, everything is documented in one place and everyone involved is kept up-to-speed.

Text alerts, consequences, incident letters, restorative practices, suspension reduction and compliance.


Student Reports & Report Cards

Create custom reports for students and families to review or reflect on. Include all data from DeansList + import any data from your files or other systems. Print and distribute, email home or post them to Student and Family app accounts.

No more mail merges! Generate Weekly Reports, Progress Reports, Report Cards, Student One-Pagers, and more with one click.

Education Technology: We focus on the tech, you focus on the education
Great technology has the power to transform the way a school operates, but educators shouldn't have to spend time wrestling with software or manipulating data. That's why our software works the way your school needs it to.

Great Schools Use DeansList


What Sets DeansList Apart:
Collecting data is just the start - it's about putting it to work in ways that inform every stakeholder in a student's education.

Positive Incentives

Rewards and Interventions
Motivate students and track interventions

Keep track of rewards and consequences all in one place, making it easy to celebrate accomplishments and hold students accountable.


Alerts and Updates
Keep everyone up-to-speed

DeansList makes sure that every member of your school community (teachers, administrators, students and families) are all proactively informed about what's going on. Whether it's a text message about an incident in the cafeteria or a positive congrats for perfect attendance this month, DeansList takes care of it.

Data Analysis

Powerful Analytics
Info at your fingertips.

From the quick info teachers only have 2 seconds to look at (where's a student who should be in my class?), to in-depth trends and reports (what core values do we need to work on?), DeansList puts the data you need to see front-and-center.

More than just software. We provide technical and operational support every step of the way to ensure your school succeeds.

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