Features You'll Love


Call Log

Staff can easily save notes about conversations with parents, students and advocates.

Ensure families are being reached and use context to enhance the parent/school partnership.

Send Texts, Emails and Voice Messages

Communicate with the entire school, individual students/families or automate messages based on triggers.

A comprehensive communication platform with automatic translation into 100+ languages.

Family Engagement

Ensure your staff are building strong, positive relationships with every student and family.

Text messages, emails and calls, parents apps, call logs - all automatically translated.

Analysis Tools

Our built in data analysis platform is the easy but powerful way to drill into your schools' data.

Attendance Tiers & Alerts

Stay on top of absences and triage students as they hit customized thresholds of absences and tardies.

Automatically receive alerts, generate letters, and more...

Schoolwide Behavior & Points

Easily implement systems that reward core values and build accountability.

Social-emotional learning (SEL), PBIS & MTSS, merits/demerits, weekly reports, paychecks

Custom Reporting

Our data whizzes are here to help you turn your data into action.

Better yet: build your own reports in basic web code.

Two-Way Texting

No apps or logins required for parents. All conversations can be translated in both directions.

Give every teacher their own phone # they can use to text with families.

Absent and Tardy Alerts

Customize messages and include research-backed phrasing to reduce chronic absenteeism.

Automatically send text messages, emails and phone calls when students are absent or tardy.

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