Attendance and Absenteeism

Take Attendance Quickly and Easily

On the Web

Easy attendance web interface

Super simple, with special tools for office staff.

Phones / Tablets

Easily take attendance on iPhones and Android phones.

Apps available for iOS, Android and Kindle.

In Your SIS

Take attendance in your SIS and sync with your SIS

Keep taking attendance in your SIS and we'll import it automatically throughout the day.

SMS text: George was marked absent in 1st period today. Please call the school office.

Alert Families
Phone calls, text and email

Parents are key partners, but are often left out of the loop because it is time consuming to send messages to each family. With DeansList, text, emails and voice calls can be sent automatically with custom information for each student.

Sample truancy letter

Absence & Tardiness Letters

Recent studies show that mailing home formal letters that inform families about the importance of attendance can significantly reduce absenteeism.

With DeansList, generating absenteeism letters takes just a few clicks and communicates to families the risks of not showing up to school. Letters can even be translated automatically into families' preferred languages.

Send home push notifications and award certificates.

Attendance Rewards

Recognizing students for great attendance goes a long way towards developing positive relationships with students and families. Acknowledge a job well done with awards, bonus points or a congratulatory text messages.

Tiered Interventions

Automatically scale up your response and interventions to students as they hit specific thresholds (i.e. 3rd absence, 5th absence, 10th absence).

Integrates with Your SIS
DeansList syncs with most student information systems so there's no need to double-enter attendance in two places.

All Your Data In One Place

Attendance Integrated. With DeansList, nothing lives in isolation.  Connect attendance with behavior systems, homework collection, and phone calls home.

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