Build Positive School Culture

Get your whole school on the same page with a culture model that reinforces your schools values. Whether you focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) or positive behavior reinforcement (PBIS), everyone at your school can use the same system, the same language and work towards the same outcomes.

Our software helps track the behaviors that are happening across school and in class so teachers and school leaders can reward positive behavior and address negative trends.

Positive Incentives

Track Rewards, Incentives & Consequences
All Automatic

With DeansList your rules for rewards, incentives and consequences are built right into the system. Tiers can scaffold up and down for MTSS or PBIS, and are calculated in real-time, so you can see every student's status at the click of a button.

Alerts & Digests
Nothing falls through the cracks

Alerts and digests proactively keep your team up-to-speed, even if they don't have time to login. Set them up based on what's most important for your school - like a digest that lets teachers know who was referred, or who had an outstanding day and should be congratulated.

Homework, Attendance, Referrals, etc.
All of DeansList, Integrated

Behavior is just one piece of your culture system. Since DeansList also tracks other critical components like attendance, homework, and office referrals, including them in your culture plans (points, incentives, etc.) is just a few clicks away.

What do you want to make sure your families know?

DeansList creates a custom report for every school, designed to be sent home as often as every week. Include grades, behavior, attendance, homework - it's up to you.

Presentation matters, and every report is thoughtfully designed to make sure data points are easy-to-interpret and that reports reflect your school's priorities, messaging/wording and aesthetics.

All Your Data In One Place

Behavior Integrated. With DeansList, nothing lives in isolation. Include anything you track: attendance, homework, referrals, uniform, even data from your SIS can be turned into points or displayed on reports.

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